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Canada to Hold on to International Students with Relaxed Citizenship Rules

2016 seems to be a lucky year for the international students in Canada, including nursing students, for that matter. While in the last year, changes done in the immigration regulations were not a good news, this year the international students in Canada have good reasons to sit back and relax.

Nurse Informatics- An Emerging Specialization for Nursing Professionals

As technological advancement continues, exciting new career specializations also makes its way. One such specialization is Nurse Informatics; this area of nursing integrates healthcare and computer sciences with information technology.

The Benefits of Travel Nursing Career in Canada

Let's explore some of the benefits of travel nursing in Canada. What’s the major difference between travel nursing jobs in Canada and anywhere else? Well, if we talk about United States, the assignments are general 13 weeks long, however, in Canada; you have the option to pick the assignment as per your needs. They can be as short as 1 week to as long as 1-2 months. The longer, of course, the better for nurse managers.