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Nurses in Canada Welcomes the New Federal Health Minister

It was the early days of this November when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took an oath and named his new 31-member cabinet, including Dr. Jane Philpott as Minister of Health. According to a news published in the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) for registered nurses, the organization welcomes the minister and envision collaborating with the new health minister on healthy public policy.

Ontario – A Dream Destination for Nursing Profession

Ontario, Canada's most populous province with a population of more than 13.5 million, accounts for nearly 40 percent of all Canadians. To render healthcare services to people in Ontario through hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities, registered nurses and specialty nurse practitioners are needed more than ever in Ontario.

Who Else Wants to Know the Truth About Nursing Jobs in Canada?

Cutting the long story short, there is shortage of nursing professionals and there is no second thought on it. You may feel that the state of the nursing labor market has got a mixed message for you to contemplate the actual condition. To help you out, here’s an insight about the nursing jobs in Canada:

Nursing Mobile Apps – Are They Really Helping Nurses in their Work? Let’s Find Out..

When it comes to list out greatest technological inventions of all times, smartphones have found an irreplaceable spot on that list. These handheld devises replaced the conventional uses of mobiles and gave the power of connecting with the world and resources through integrated apps.

Facts About Nursing Shortage

According to the Canadian Nurses Association, Canada will be short almost 60,000 full-time equivalent RNs in 2022 if no policy interventions are implemented. If policies are indorsed to tackle the shortage, nurses will enjoy expanding roles and exciting career avenues with opportunities to work in the best health care settings of the country.

Important Tips for Nurses to Educate Patients in the Best Ways

Patient education is a key procedure in nursing wherein nurses confer well being related information with the patient to help them improve and maintain their health condition. Here are some tips for nurses that can help in educating patients in the best possible ways