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Importance of Cross-Cultural Communication in Nursing

Cross-cultural communication has become an imperative part in field of nursing. While talking to the patients from different demographics or working with peers from a different cultural background, communication in different forms is quite important for nursing professionals.

Popular Nursing Blogs Every Nurse Must Follow

When it comes to acquaint and educate ourselves as a nurse with industry news, educational updates and useful tips for a fruitful nursing career, one way that everyone will suggest is to follow and read some of the best blogs regularly. With tons of information and archives of resources, blog sites are serving not just the professional nurses, rather to student nurses as well.

Tips To Mentor A Newly Graduated Nurse

Mentors play a very important part in the realm of nursing education. With continuous development in nursing industry, mentors too evolve to share their experiences and instill the right skills in to the future generation of nursing professionals. In a healthcare setting, nurses grasps from other nurses and improvise their potential. Here are some tips to mentor newly graduated nurses in order to help them become a true professional of the industry

5 Top Tips for Nurses to Ace NCLEX-RN Exam

Nursing is a competitive field and with the growing demand for skilled nurses in the profession, candidates aim at passing the exam in first attempt to make themselves as viable as possible to fetch good positions. Though, the increased passing standard has made it difficult to pass the exam statistically but with practice and precision you can ace the NCLEX-RN exam easily.

Life After Stroke

Stroke continues to be a leading cause of acquired disability, especially among older people, and can have a major effect on independent living. Stroke is one of the leading causes of death and disability in India. The estimated adjusted prevalence rate of stroke range, 84-262/100,000 in rural and 334-424/100,000 in urban areas. The incidence rate is 119-145/100,000 based on the recent population based studies. There is also a wide variation in case fatality rates with the highest being 42% in Kolkata.

Pain Management – Concept for a Global Best Practice

The concept of pain and its management was not at all a priority till the recent past. Pain was just a part of some pathological conditions or trauma. But after the development of medicine and research evidences pain is no more a less important aspect. The new concept is to consider pain as the fifth vital sign. Knowing and documenting the level and intensity of pain in a patient is helpful for the healthcare providers to detect any signs of abnormality or deterioration at the earliest and thereby treat it to attain the patient safety and comfort to the fullest.