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Why is BLS and ACLS a necessity for the modern world’s cardiac health

Statistics says that more than 350,000 cardiac arrests take place outside the hospital and over 200,000 occur within the premises of a healthcare facility. But only 46 percent of patients receive properly performed CPR.

Highlights of the growing need for Palliative Care Nursing Programs in Canada

Palliative or end-of-life care provides ease from pain and addresses the physical, mental and emotional suffering of patients with advanced disease. The Palliative Care Nursing Programs provide research estimating that nearly 80 percent of patients with advanced disease in low

Academic courses for international nurses: Give wings to your nursing career

The international research conducted on academic achievement indicates that the same level of academic achievement doesn't guarantee the same level of professional skills in different countries. As per the International Adult Literacy Survey

The global nursing programs give you a chance to broaden your professional horizons

Low wages, lack of safety, lesser respect, low educational standards, and limited scope of growth are some of the challenges the professionals of the healthcare industry in the developing countries have to cope with. Nursing, for that matter, is an occupation that has evolved over the time. As a healthcare discipline, nursing is opted by numerous aspirants who want to work for the well-being of mankind

INSCOL Expert Panel on Global Nursing Programs

The global nursing shortage occurring in healthcare organizations around the world is bringing in its wake a serious situation regarding adverse impacts on the welfare of patients. According to a recent survey on nursing shortages in the US

Pursuing a postgraduate nursing certificate in Canada can change your life

Is a flourishing career in the nursing field, the ultimate life goal for you? Now that you have become a nurse, why aren’t you happy and satisfied? Do you feel you still haven’t made it as big as you desired? If thoughts like these keep you from enjoying a good night’s sleep, there’s nothing to worry about.