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Online Sources for Nursing Updates

In the current day the internet is flooded with information, which is usually correct, sometimes incorrect and other times completely useless! Traditionally, books, journals, and school/college have been enough to enlighten ourselves about issues at hand. However, the internet is, and always will be, a magic knowledge box. No print media can ever cover the immediacy and the interactivity that the internet offers. You no longer have to wait for the newspaper in the morning to find out what’s going on in the world.

Code Blue! Everything You Need To Know

If you are a nurse, you must have heard the term Code Blue every now and again. Are you wondering what Code Blue means? When a patient suffers sudden cardiac or respiratory arrest and needs immediate medical attention, Code Blue is the medical parlance. In other words, Code Blue is a hospital emergency code that is used in all hospitals around the world. If you are a new nurse and don’t have much experience with code blues, then this post is perfect for you.

4 Iconic Nurses Every Student Needs To Know

If you are a nursing student, you are bound to hear the names of some famous nurses who are known for their relentless work in the field. These nurses were often regarded as spearheads for new aspects of nursing and health care. They truly are a source of inspiration for aspiring nurses.

The Nursing Profession – Today and Beyond!

Are you aspiring to be a nursing professional? Presently, nursing is a booming field where you can secure your future without looking back. Here, we take a glimpse at trends, innovations of the medical field, and revolutionary changes in the nursing practice. So, what’s the future of nursing? Read on.

6 Commandments for Your First Nursing Job

Your first job, generally, teaches you a lot about many new things. This is especially true for nursing. As a nurse to be, you will have many experiences – some good and bad – yet all of them delightful. Whether it is a good experience or a bad one, you're going to learn, and that's what matters the most for a nursing student pursuing a postgraduate nursing program. Here are 6 Commandments, that when followed will make your First Nursing Job a truly fulfilling experience.

Things to Consider When Switching Your Nursing Specialty

In Canada, one can say, nurses celebrate everything nursing! Every nursing specialty comes with its own benefits, challenges, prospects, and income. As you progress through your nursing career, you may want to change your specialty area. This may require working in a different type of facility or moving from one type of unit to another. It might also involve moving from bedside care to an area with less patient contact.