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Why You Should Study Critical Care Nursing

Critical care nursing is a field that focuses on caring for patients suffering from a life-threatening illness. Or, they have been a victim of a serious accident. Because of their typically unstable and volatile condition, these patients are admitted to Intensive Care Units or other Emergency Departments where they can be closely monitored by a critical care nurse.

The Nursing Fraternity’s Part in Caring for HIV Patients

The HIV pandemic has had an impact on every segment of society and every facet of health care.While a permanent cure for HIV is still elusive, a lot of progress has been made in the prevention and treatment of this disease. So much progress has been made that patients can now live normal and active lives.However, they need to make sure they are taking their medication to keep their HIV conditions under control. This also prevents it from turning into full-blown AIDS -- the poisonous progression of the disease.

What You Should Know About Being a Registered Nurse in Canada

There's no doubt about that fact that the need for RN's has never been greater! The reason behind this is the development in technology, an increase in the aging population, and, of course, experienced nurses retiring. That’s why, this may be the best time for you to become a registered nurse by pursuing a postgraduate nursing program in Canada. Let us help you understand a registered nurse’s career path, in the event you are thinking of becoming one by joining an international nursing program of your choice.

How to Prepare Yourself for Nursing School

If you’re reading this blog, you have probably been looking forward to applying to a nursing school to pursue Nursing study in Canada. Congratulations, you've taken a positive step forward. This step is both challenging and fulfilling. It’s important to note that nursing school may not be as easy as you think it will be. Yes, it is a fascinating and exciting experience. However, you will also face some difficulties.

How Does Gender Matter in Patient Care for a Nurse?

Gender equality is the new change. A change, which lets women and men, enjoy the same rights and opportunities across all the sectors of the society. Certainly a good one. After all, as far as the economic participation, decision-making, aspirations and needs of the women and men are valued and favored equally, this has to be an appreciated change.

An Opportunity to Study & Work in The U.K. with INSCOL

If you are aspiring for a nursing career in the UK, you can enroll in the best nursing programs in UK from a recognized institute. INSCOL, in collaboration with leading universities in the UK, offers exclusive nursing programs for Diploma & BSc nurses.