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How to Choose Between Acute Care and Ambulatory Care

The greatest challenge that a potential nurse has to face when choosing a nursing program isn't the shift hours, nurse shortages, the workplace hazards, or the compensation. It's the dilemma of choosing between Acute Care and Ambulatory Care.

You can have a Terrific Nursing Career in Ontario, Canada

Whether you are a fresh graduate or a nurse with some experience, you can have a rewarding career in Ontario. The latest snapshot of the nursing field in Ontario shows that healthcare needs in the home and community are expanding at a fast pace. Moreover, there is now a greater emphasis on illness prevention and general well-being. It is worth mentioning here that currently,Ontario has a ratio of 72 nurses for every 100,000 people. This does not meet the required national average of 83 nurses for every 100,000.

How to Deal with Difficult Patients?

Nurses are noble professionals who care for several patients in a day. Most patients appreciate the loving care they receive but, not all patients are satisfied and happy. Some are really difficult to deal with and often test the nurse’s compassion and patience. Verbal and physical abuse from patients is unfortunately a reality in today’s hospitals and facilities.

The Education, Career and the Duties of a Rehabilitation Nurse

According to the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN) – "Rehabilitation nurses take a holistic approach in helping patients meet not just their medical needs, but also their educational, environmental and spiritual needs so that they can fulfill their maximum potential".

Nurses are Canada’s Most Respected Professionals

You would be glad to hear that according to a new poll, nurses are the most positively viewed people in the Canadian workforce. An online poll conducted by a renowned research agency, suggests that about nine-in-ten Canadians across the nation hold a positive opinion of nurses. Infact, nurses and farmers are seen as the most constructive people in the Canadian workforce. Happy moments, aren't these?

Nurses! Here’s Your Own Guide to Nursing Specialties

Growth in the profession is essential to any nurse professional. With the breakthroughs in science and technology, not only the options for nurses have grown dramatically, the demand for nurses has increased too. By the next decade, 55% of all the nurses in the healthcare sector are expected to retire.