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Opportunity to complete Two Specialized Nursing Programs in just 16 Months from leading Colleges in Toronto/Ontario in following specialties:


This course is designed to assist the Registered Nurse develop knowledge and skills in the care of cardiac patients. This two semester Post-graduate certificate program prepares Nurses with additional knowledge and skills to competently care for individuals experiencing cardiovascular illness. The combined theory and clinical courses provide the knowledge, skills, and judgment to practice safely in an acute coronary care setting. The students have the opportunity to apply their new knowledge to application exercises and case study analysis.


This two semester post-graduate certificate program will provide nurses with specialized training related to the prevention and management of chronic diseases. Chronic diseases may impair everyday physical and mental functions and reduce one’s ability to perform daily activities. Chronic disease management is a specialization within the nursing field, which allows nurses to apply their practical knowledge to create patient care programs for chronic conditions. Graduates of this program will be well-equipped to treat patients with chronic health conditions including cardiovascular diseases (heart and stroke), cancer, diabetes, arthritis, chronic respiratory diseases, and chronic depression. They will also acquire the skills to manage a patient’s chronic condition, plan an individualized intervention plan, educate patients’ on self- management plans, and assess a patient’s condition based on outcome tools.


The Gerontology program is ideal for nurses who are interested in enhancing their foundational knowledge and building leadership skills in caring for the health of older adults in diverse settings. Graduates of this program will combine their new, advanced learning with their previous professional credentials and experience to provide exemplary service to this growing population.


Palliative care is aligned with the “National Norms and Principles of Practice” that have been developed by the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association. This certificate is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of all health care providers who are working with or caring for individuals living with terminal illnesses.


Post-graduate Certificate in Nursing Leadership & Management Nursing Program is designed to meet the needs of nurses currently employed or aspiring to be employed in leadership and management roles within health care settings. The program builds on the foundational leadership and management content, preparing students to develop their leadership and management skills to assume roles of nursing administrators and nurse managers.


This program is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of mental health care providers. Students in this program explore current issues and trends in mental health in Canada, best practices in nursing for providing optimal care to clients with diverse Mental Health disorders across the lifespan, legal and ethical aspects of mental health nursing and the interdisciplinary approach to Health Care.

Why Choose INSCOL?

  • RN/RPN Exam Prep Included*
  • Clinicals in Top Rated Canadian Healthcare Institutions*
  • Tuition Fee in Instalments
List of Colleges:
  • Niagara College, Welland Campus, Niagara
  • Seneca College, Yorkgate Campus, Toronto
  • Seneca College, Markham, Ontario
Admission Requirements:
  • Applicants must have completed a Diploma/Degree in nursing and should be registered with the Nursing Council.
  • IELTS requirements as per selected courses.
  • IELTS not required in case the candidate is from an English speaking country.

Conditions Apply : *for selective programs | **as per the current immigration law

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