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Growing Demand of Gerontological Nurses in Healthcare

In the United States, 14.5% of the population was65 years or older in 2014, which equates toapproximately 46.2 million people. The ‘Baby Boomers’ are entering their retirement years now and people are living longer due to the recent advances made in medical science. As a result, this aging generation will require care and support in their twilight years.

99 Reasons to Be a Nurse

Nurses work hard every single time they don their uniform. If you have become a nurse after pursuing a Global Nursing Program from a reputed college, you surely know the difference you have already made in someone’s life. For some, becoming a nurse means fulfilling a personal or professional goal. For others, it’s a matter of being inspired. There are a number of reasons it is a truly amazing profession.

Pursue Dual Specialization in Nursing with INSCOL

Specializing in the field of nursing is a dream for the majority of nurses working in the healthcare industry. It takes many years of studying nursing and then pursuing specialty advanced courses to build the road for a successful career.

4 Ways to Practice and Improve Advanced Airway Management

Simply put, Advanced Airway Management refers to the medical procedures that are performed to open a pathway between the patient’s lungs and the outside world. Dealing with intubation through the lungs is one of the reasons that acquiring this skill is complicated. Learning and maintaining Advanced Airway Management skills is crucial for EMS (Emergency Medical Service) providers, since they rarely have the opportunity to perform thisprocedure. Still, factors such as using excellent motor skills, thoughtful decision-making and other competencies are exclusively needed in every case of emergency airway management.

The Scope of Nursing in India

India has long been known as a hub for nurses, and often looked upon to supply nurses to the 1st World Nations. Before you look into being a global nurse, make sure you know about the equally amazing opportunities in India. Notably, when we consider Indian history, nurses were actually young men. Women acted as midwives for aiding in childbirth. And, a long time ago, the acceptance of nursing as a profession in India was blockaded due to various reasons. At that point in time, India was caught in the fences of political upheaval and cultural uncertainty.

Living Her Dream – An INSCOL Student Talks about Her Delightful Journey

A famous proverb - If you can envision it, if you can dream it, there's always some way to do it. You know, you can become a global nurse when you hold the hands of INSCOL with utmost trust, don't you?