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A Nurse’s Guide for Specimen Collection, Preparation & Handling

Specimen collection, preparation and handling are important tasks performed by nurses. By identifying pathogens and analyzing urine, feces, sputum and blood, one can assess the health status of a patient. One of the core responsibilities of nurses is to collect, then label specimens for analysis. Immediately after this, the specimens should be delivered to the lab.

Practice Nursing in the UK : The Registration Process

Overseas-trained nurses or midwives wishing to work in the UK must apply for registration as a nurse or midwife at the Nursing Midwifery Council. NMC (Nursing Midwifery Council) is the regulatory body for nurses and midwives in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. It sets the standards for nurses and midwives, as well as a code of conduct that states how nurses and midwives must work and adhere to policies. NMC is governed by its own council. It complies with the Nursing and Midwifery Order 2001 and Charities Act 1993.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About General Duty Assistant

When we talk about career-oriented nursing programs, General Duty Assistant is one career we cannot miss.

We all know how the healthcare sector in India is growing rapidly. Not only is this sector experiencing an increasing demand for human resources, the demand is across verticals, too. That's exactly why professionals like General Duty Assistants are in high demand.

Top 4 Mobile Apps for Nurses

In this tech savvy world, it shouldn’t be surprising to say that Mobile Apps make the world go around. There are many innovative apps in the world of healthcare that can help nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals improve the value that they bring to patient care, and the overall healthcare industry.

A Guide to Accurate Drug Dosage Calculations for Nursing Professionals

When it comes to medication and dosages, nurses have to keep track of the number of times, and the quantity, when administering drugs to patients. On top of that, performing correct dosage calculations is critical in the nursing profession. Mastering it is a key aspect in a nurse’s practice. If you are already a nurse, or have just stepped into the profession, you should be well aware of the basics related to every drug dosage calculation.

Nurses– Pay Attention to These Social Media Do’s & Don’ts

The popularity of social media has opened up a whole new spectrum of opportunities, but also problems for professionals. When used wisely, within professional boundaries, it can be a boon for professionals; but it can also pose a threat. Before you become part of this ongoing viral storm, here are some social media do’s and don’ts to consider.