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Canada to Hold On to International Students with Relaxed Citizenship Rules

2016 seems to be a lucky year for the international students in Canada, including nursing students, for that matter. While in the last year, changes done in the immigration regulations were not a good news, this year the international students in Canada have good reasons to sit back and relax.

How being a Bilingual Nurse can give your Career an Edge

In the present healthcare scenario, nurses need to deal with patients from diverse ethnic backgrounds and there can be hindrances due to language barriers. With increased diversity in patients a bilingual nurse is a tremendous help and source of comfort for any healthcare facility.

Patient Care Services through Telehealth Nursing is the New Trend in Healthcare Industry

Telehealth Nursing is the patient care services provided by a nurse but from a distant location. You must be wondering how it is possible for a nurse to take care of a patient from a distance. Well, such type of patient care is done over the phone.

Want to Know the Best Healthcare Careers of the Future? Here are they…

Healthcare industry is growing at a faster rate than other areas of industries and its job market is keeping up the pace to make a rewarding career. When it comes to know about the best healthcare careers of future, Doctors or Nurses will always be an obvious option for many.

What Does it Take to be an Emergency Room Nurse?

In simple words, it is the department where you always get to see a fast-paced environment. The number of cases, which an emergency room faces every day, is huge. Any health care professional working in an emergency room hardly gets any room to themselves.

INSCOL is an International Training Center for American Heart Association Programs for Indian Nurses

Nursing is a demanding job and nurses are exploring all possible ways to enhance their skills and train themselves with the practice standards. Graduating from a nursing school or college is not sufficient these days, for a nurse to be at par in the practice, she needs to know every aspect of the specialty and the patient care.