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Opt for Continuing Nursing Education in India for a Flourishing Career

The required healthcare scenarios that are needed for a nurse to grow up to meet global standards are usually missing in the general hospital settings in India. The appropriate way is to provide nurses and healthcare providers with the requisite training and resources that can enable

Become a Leader in your field with Nursing Leadership Program

As a common perception, nurses are required to provide support to doctors in carrying out different tasks, especially during surgeries and other critical illnesses. Once the doctor’s job is over, it is the nurses who take care of the patients. Nurses should have proper knowledge of all the requisite things needed in providing healthcare to … Continue reading Become a Leader in your field with Nursing Leadership Program

Become a Life Saver with BLS Certification from The American Heart Association

Basic Life Support (BLS) is a level of medical care which is administered to patients until the patient receives specialized medical care. It is a first aid measure provided by an individual to someone who suddenly loses consciousness and stops breathing. It is mandatory for nurses

Apply for Post Graduate Nursing Programs in UK and get a chance to settle abroad

Are you a young nursing graduate who is looking for a suitable international career? Most of the medical science graduates have the primary aim of becoming health specialists in a specific field. The nursing profession provides many opportunities fro young students – both professionally and personally. In fact, the job of a doctor would be incomplete without the help provided by the nurses.

American Heart Association Program: A complete course that trains you in saving lives

Cardiovascular disease or CVD kills more than 17 million people every year. The causes could be plenty - unhealthy lifestyle choices, poor diet, obesity, lack of adequate physical exercise and so on. But we have all the reasons to be optimistic due to two major reasons

Wish To Become A Global Nurse? Know More About The Nursing Study Programs in Toronto

Canada is a beautiful country in North America and attracts a lot of tourists every year. It is the second largest nation in the world area wise and shares the world’s longest border with the US. Canada also attracts a lot of international students who want to pursue courses offered by the Canadian universities.