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3 Facts About Diabetes Treatment That Nurses Need To Know

Diabetes is a major health issue, affecting 7 out of 10 people. As per the WHO, by 2030, diabetes could be the 7th leading cause of death. More than 347 million people around the world suffer from it, making diabetes a global epidemic.

Canada – The Best Place to Work as a Registered Nurse

People in Canada are getting older, which means that the country will need more number of registered nurses in future. In fact, as per the forecast by Canadian Nurses Association, there could be shortage of nearly 60,000 full-time positions by 2022. This makes Canada the best place for nurses to pursue a promising career and make a living.

Nurses at Loggerheads with Comedian Kapil Sharma

Did you know that the All India Government Nurses' Federation has slammed The Kapil Sharma Show? Not just this, they even want it to be taken off-air? Nurses from medical colleges and hospitals held a demonstration at Guru Nanak Dev Hospital, Amritsar in order to protest against the show. According to them Nurses were depicted in poor light and the nursing profession was demeaned in the particular episode.

Government of India Plans to Create ‘Live Data Register’ for Nurses

The year 2016 seems to be a lucky year for the nurses and nursing students who are about to enter the profession. With Canada to hold on international students with relaxed citizenship rules, now the government of India is also planning to create a 'live data register' particularly for nurses.

National Nurses Week 2016: Week of Utmost Significance for Nurses Worldwide

Doctors are always considered next to God, as they are the only people after God whom we can trust blindly and they also work hard to provide us best possible healthcare. However, they are not the only ones always rewarded for the contribution they make in lives of others.

Continuing Nursing Education Offers More Career Opportunities

Many people have a stereotypical mindset that once they are done with their graduation and are into a full time job; they cannot opt for further studies. We might have heard people saying that what you know today may very well change tomorrow. It appropriately applies well for nurses as well. Further education can help them to get updated with the latest development in the healthcare and medical field worldwide.