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GlobalNurse4U Conducts a Series of Workshops on Pain Management & Stoma Care

GlobalNurse4U Conducts a Series of Workshops on Pain Management & Stoma Care

India, November 2014 – INSCOL Academy and GlobalNurse4U invited Ms. Maurine Parzen, Manager – School of Nursing Studies , Niagara College, Canada to conduct workshops on Pain Management and Stoma Care at various Hospitals and Nursing Colleges across India. The workshops were successfully conducted at the D.M.C.H. Ludhiana, Fortis Hospital Mohali, Oxford College Bangalore and St.Philomina College of Nursing Bangalore. An In-house workshop at INSCOL Academy Kochi was also conducted. A total number of 181 nurses in Chandigarh, Kochi and Bangalore attended these workshops.

The Pain Management workshop enabled the participants to learn about the importance of recognizing the dimension of suffering associated with untreated pain and its consequences along with the myths and misconceptions related to pain assessment and treatment. It also educated the students on how to assess the Pain Flow Sheet & Equianalgesic Chart and the Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological measures for Pain Management.

The second workshop on Stoma Care helped the participants to learn about Ostomy, different Stoma Management products & its uses, critical thinking skills in managing patients with Stoma and identifying complications of Stoma.

The participants practiced compassionate care nursing through simulated role play exercises and debrief sessions. Overall the workshop was well received by all the participants. The College and Hospital authorities appreciated INSCOL Academy and GlobalNurse4U for organizing such workshops and bringing a change in the Healthcare industry of India.

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