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Inauguration of INSCOL Academy Philippines Operations

Inauguration of INSCOL Academy Philippines Operations

Makati City, Manila, June 2014–INSCOL Academy launched its second international operation on the 16th June 2014 in Manila, Philippines! The high demand for Filipino Nurses across the world due to their reliability and high level of English, encouraged INSCOL to commission INSCOL Academy Philippines with the mission to transform Filipino Nurses to Global Nurses by enhancing their knowledge, skills and professional conduct.

Mr. Gurpreet Singh, Assistant Vice President, INSCOL Academy, who will lead the INSCOL Academy Philippines operations has this to say about the new operations, “INSCOL Academy’s Philippines office will maintain a close working partnership with the Canada office, thus creating synergies between the head office’s experience and expertise, and improved local customer contact and service.”

As part of the inauguration of the Philippines operations, INSCOL Academy held a well-attended seminar on “Global Opportunities for Healthcare Professionals” at its office, on June 20, 2014.

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