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INSCOL organized a Workshop on Interprofessional Practice in Nursing

INSCOL organized a Workshop on Interprofessional Practice in Nursing

India, February 2015 – INSCOL is continuously bringing changes in the healthcare industry of India. INSCOL invited David Alexander Veres, Dean of Community and Health Studies, Niagara College, Canada to conduct an In-house workshop on ‘Interprofessional Practice in Nursing’. A total of 100 Nurse Students attended the workshop.

The workshop enabled participants to learn about the significance of Comprehensive Health Care services by the Health Care teams. David shared various instances about Health Care teams including Nurses, Paramedics, Physicians and Dieticians taking care of patients as individuals and the importance of working in collaboration on the contrary in order to improve the quality of care given to clients. He also explained the importance of Therapeutic Communication and Decision Making resulting in Synergy. In addition to that, many studies have also stated Interprofessional Practice in Nursing, a successful practice with various positive outcomes like improved teamwork, decreased clinical error rates, greater client education and increased overall team competency. The workshop also shed light on the techniques and approaches used for client safety in the hospitals. The intricacies about applying the six components of Interprofessional Education(IPE) Including Collaboration, Communication and Conflict Management were also discussed with the participants in the workshop.

The participants practiced Compassionate Care Nursing by their active involvement in activities on Conflict Management and Collaboration through simulated role play exercises and debrief sessions. Participants performed various such scenarios on ALS simulators. Over all the workshop was well received by the students. They were enthusiastic about their participation in the workshops to be held in the near future.

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