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Pre-departure for Class of Jan’15 Niagara College, Canada

Pre-departure for Class of Jan’15 Niagara College, Canada

India, November 2014 - Sean Coote, Director of International Education Niagara College, Canada visited INSCOL Academy, Kochi and Chandigarh on 3rd November & 5th November respectively, to interact with the students of January 2015 intake in Palliative Care, Critical Care and Community Mental Health at Niagara College. This was a Pre-departure session in which students were briefed about the facilities provided by Niagara College and were advised on how to make their transition to a Canadian lifestyle easier. Some of the main points discussed in the seminar were:

  • Study Pattern- While studying in Niagara College, it is very important to have proper time management skills in terms of punctuality in attending classes and submitting assignments.
  • Health is Wealth- International Students need to adapt to the severe climate changes in Canada and should be able to provide the basic needs for themselves. 24 x 7 medical support is provided on campus.
  • Student Support- Niagara College has one of the best student support cells, which assists the International students inas possible ways such as finding accommodation or a part-time job during their studies.

A total number of 72 students from Chandigarh and 20 students from Kochi attended this Pre- departure session. The session was well received by all the students and all their queries and doubts were well answered.

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