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INSCOL Academy – Helping Nurses Go Global

Healthcare domain experienced revolution many times through advance technological and pharma co-therapeutic inventions. But for first time the healthcare experienced a revolution in patient care, only when the nurses started to take an active role in patient treatment and management.

The widening scope of nursing practices and the rising trend among nurses for opting higher education underlines the assumption that the next generation healthcare would be redesigned by the nurses and their quality nursing care. It is evident that continuing professional education and specialized nursing courses are the precursors behind this shift and INSCOL is upfront in empowering the nurses by opening various learning opportunities.

About INSCOL Academy

INSCOL, as a premier institution has a history of decades in uplifting nursing standards of thousands of nurses across the globe to pursue their dream to become a Registered Nurse (RN), or Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) in their dream lands like Canada, UK, USA.. through the international nursing courses in reputed Universities and Colleges under exclusive partnerships. We understand what a nurse expects from the higher education and what challenges they might face to establish themselves. We are well equipped with facilities around the world including high end Simulation Lab in Canada in training and helping in the process of becoming a Registered Nurse.

Partnerships with Acclaimed Colleges & Universities

At INSCOL, we believe that a nurse really unlocks the complete opportunities only when they become a Registered Nurse. We proudly share that our partner colleges are among the top in contributing highest number of CRNE holders in Ontario, Canada. Another partner college has been acclaiming the best in student satisfaction for several years. All our nursing courses in Canada are suiting to different type of learners according to the specialized areas which include Critical Care Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Palliative Care Nursing etc. Nursing Leadership and Management is another specialty by which one can enter in to the managerial roles in healthcare setting. United Kingdom (UK) has always been a dream destination for the Nursing scholars but it continues to raise challenges due to the higher language requirement. Through our UK top up diploma to degree courses, we open up a window to experience the UK education which ultimately leads to the placements in the NHS hospitals.

Pillars of INSCOL

INSCOL’s every initiative and step is taken by keeping in mind the Pillars of INSCOL which makes INSCOL one of the best -

We are passionate about the relationship with Alumni. Joining INSCOL is a lot more than what one might usually expect. With consistently higher visa success rate, we also assure a higher probability. The mandatory foundation course prepare you in the best way to accommodate yourself well in to the foreign education. Pre – departure sessions by the director and other facilities of your future college will give you a realistic idea of your living and learning in a foreign land. Our departure and post landing services make your way safe. Exclusive Li censure examination preparation and language preparation course in our own facility overseas will make sure you are reaching and living the dream of becoming an RN. Lastly, we believe the learning process is complete only when you share it with Indian Nurses. Through GlobalNurse4U we open up an opportunity to expose yourself to the Nurses in India to share the Global best practices you ingrained.

We would say…your transformation begins here..! Choose INSCOL.., Go Global!