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Diabetes: A Nursing Analysis

Ms. Rita is a 15 year old female. She is a known case of poor control of sugar level since one month without regular medication. When patient was admitted to hospital her random blood sugar =300mg/dl. She had no history of vomiting, breathlessness, altered sensorium or bowel trouble. She had a history of weight loss. On her initial examination she was calm, conscious and cooperative and well oriented to time, place and person. Her BP was 140/90mmhg, pulse-80 per minute, abdomen soft non- tender and no organomegaly. She had a history of polyuria and weight loss and increased thirst. Chest vesicular breathing, no added sound. CVSSI, S2 heard normally

Nursing: Is it a Feminine profession?

The answer to the above question is both “Yes” and “No”. The reasons for the ambiguous answer are many, and some of these will be discussed in this blog. If someone asks me what my profession is, I casually tell them that I am a “nurse”. Many times people wonder how males can become nurses. The majority of the population in India (except in Kerala) view nursing as a feminine profession. They have their own seemingly solid reasons for doing so. We all know that nursing is a noble profession, and that it needs an attitude of caring, a passion to serve, and hard work. Our society adheres to a stereotype that ascribes all these qualities to women only, perceiving men as generally not possessing these qualities. However, as with all stereotypes, the facts on the ground cannot be categorized so clearly into black and white: both genders display attitudes of caring and of a passion to serve, albeit at different levels of frequency.

Benefits of a Higher Nursing Degree, to Internationally Educated Nurses

You worked hard to graduate with a nursing degree or a nursing diploma, and then you completed a post-basic nursing program abroad, to further your knowledge and skills, and to prepare you for a career as an Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN). Now that you have settled into a promising career as a Registered Nurse (RN) in a healthcare organization abroad, why would you even wish to consider enrolling for a higher nursing degree or for further specialization?

Why to choose overseas nursing programs?

There are zillions of people in the world who have made a successful career by ensuring the well being of the society through their continuous efforts. Well, the career of nursing serves the society in terms of health care. However, there are numerous health care centers all over the world who believe in rendering best nursing facilities to the people. Hence, the demand for professional and global licensed nurses increased.

Importance Of Online Overseas nursing programs

Now these days Nurses are highly in demand. But due to lack of time many students are not able to take admission for further studies expect online nursing programs. Through online education program you can study at any time and it allows you to study without any diversion and with more concentration. Students can choose courses of their choices. Online Overseas nursing programs courses is a easiest and quickest Way to becoming a nurse.

Importance Of Nursing Education Abroad

It is believed that the nurses are front-line of any health care centers. Although, doctors are the life savers, but positively only with the contribution of nurses. If the doctor saves life, the nurse helps in improvising the physical and mental condition of the patient. Well, it is one of those jobs that gives you the sense of accomplishment. However, with the advancement in technology, the need for well qualified and professional nurses is increasing drastically. In order to meet the requirements most of the western medical institutions are offering advanced courses to the students of medicals.