Do you want to be a Nurse and Pursue a Successful Career?

March 2, 2016 | By inscol@admin

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Let’s start with knowing how you can become a registered nurse. Well, there are two ways you can think of to become an RN by entering into an Associates (2 year) or Bachelors Degree (4 year) nursing program. You can take the state board exam/examination after completing the study and the clinical work for either of the programs in order to become licensed to start your practice. However, there are few things you need to take into consideration while choosing which way to take, such as –

  • A Bachelors degree is necessary if you want to advance in your career to become a Midwife, Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Anesthetist.
  • Nurses with a Bachelors degree find more job opportunities, as many hospitals require this for Nurse Manager Position.
  • Going for an Associates degree is quicker, which means you will be able to start working and earning sooner.
Now comes the next – how to pursue a successful nursing career.

Once you are a nurse with the required education and license, you will always want to have a career with good growth opportunities while working in a healthcare facility. Thus, if you strive to become a successful nurse, here are some things you can do to be the best –

  • Ensure your presence in educational sessions and conferences to expand your knowledge and stay updated about things related to your practice.
  • To be knowledgeable about new developments in your field of practice, subscribe to nursing journals related to your field.
  • You need to maintain your professionalism while at work. Do not mix your personal life with the professional one. If you are unhappy with the job, it is best to make the move to another area of specialty.
  • Be a team player, participate in meetings and join nursing communities. Raise an alarm to report any potentially dangerous situations before an accident happens. To be recognized and appreciated, make suggestion to you manager on how things could be improved.
  • Be prepared for doing all the documentation. You need to know about all the hospital policies so that you are at least documenting what is minimally required of you. Try to make the patients chart personalized.
  • Welcome new nurses and be an inspiration to them. These newbies are the next generation of nurses that are going to be replacing you when you are ready to retire. Therefore, share and pass down your knowledge to them. Sharing your experience and knowledge will make them better in handling their duties and decision-making and at the same time, help in making your shifts go smoother. You are nurses and are supposed to be nurturing.

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