Important Tips for Nurses to Educate Patients in the Best Ways

August 24, 2015 | By inscol@admin

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Patient education is a key procedure in nursing wherein nurses confer well being related information with the patient to help them improve and maintain their health condition. Here are some tips for nurses that can help in educating patients in the best possible ways –

Using Videos to Educate

With the utilization of technology in restorative services, a variety of creative ways are utilized by nurses in patient education. Videos are highly effective as patients can guzzle things all the more effectively when they view it. Nurses can show medical procedures, precautions and other health care tips to patients, without the need of instruction materials.

Utilizing the Cause & Effect Technique

This procedure is compelling in the cases wherein a nurse has to convince the patient to disregard a few habits and live a sound way of life. Just like educating a chain smoker, about the damages of cigarette smoking to health, and encourage for stopping smoking. This can be done by demonstrating a visual presentation to the patient showing the contrast between healthy lungs and the lungs of smokers. At the point when patient envisions the genuine contrast between the two lungs, there are certain possibilities of a way of life change.

Educating with Written Materials

Teaching through previously composed materials is a conventional technique however is viewed as most ideal approach to educate patients. While utilizing this medium, guarantee that the patient is in the condition to understand it clearly and comprehend at the end. These written materials can be information flyers, health care manual, an agenda for daily activities or a list of instructions or precautions meant for the patient. There are patients who learn best by going through these materials.

Applying Hands-on-learning

This is the least complex and best learning system utilized by nurses for patient education. Along these lines, nurses first show the guidelines or lesson and afterward request the patients to comprehend what they have caught on. In this strategy, patients get a handle on swiftly as they summon up things all the more quickly by finding it themselves. This technique is particularly powerful when a patient is being taught how to infuse insulin and different prescriptions.

Educating though Group Discussion

This method proves useful when there is a need to educate two or more patients or the family members of the patient in one go. This will help them to understand your instructions better by active participation and asking questions. In such a situation, other members of the group helps each other to understand what’s been said by comprehending and explaining in their own ways.

Discharge Instructions for Patients

At the time of discharge of a patient, there are number of things that need to be remembered to ensure best recovery and care at home. For all such instructions, preparing a set of detailed instructions for the patients is necessary, as it will serve as a guide during their course of recovery at home.

Using Model of Body Parts

This is the most frequently used learning methodology that healthcare professionals use to educate patients to understand medical conditions in simple ways. A nurse uses this learning strategy to instruct patients about post-operative precautions, planned surgical interventions, pregnancy information and many more.

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