Nurses! Here’s Your Own Guide to Nursing Specialties

May 18, 2016 | By inscol@admin

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Growth in the profession is essential to any nurse professional. With the breakthroughs in science and technology, not only the options for nurses have grown dramatically, the demand for nurses has increased too. By the next decade, 55% of all the nurses in the healthcare sector are expected to retire.

Having said that, the opportunities for the aspiring nurses who have the skills and a passion to serve are vast.

Nurses, needless to say, are very caring and dedicated individuals. It, for sure, takes a very special person to become a nurse and take care of the patients in different ways.

Down here, we have listed some of the most popular specialties that offer a plethora of opportunities to those who select this field as their career.

Critical Care Nursing

When a patient suffers from a life-threatening illness, a Critical Care Nurse takes the charge. A critical care nurse makes sure that the patients who are critically ill get the best of the care.

Gerontology Nursing

A rewarding career in itself, Gerontology nursing is a great nursing specialty to choose. A Gerontology Nurse holds the responsibility to take care of the elderly patients.

Rehabilitation Nursing

When the patients are not able to function properly, a rehabilitation nurse comes to the rescue. They provide an emotional and physical support to not only the patients, but their families too. Rehabilitation Nurses make sure that a patient’s regular life is not disturbed due to the illness.

Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

The Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurses cure mentally ill or distressed patients, of all ages. This is one of those specialties that require additional training. The emphasis of this training is to build a psychological and interpersonal rapport between a nurse and the patient.

Home Health Nursing

When patients get inevitably ill or have acute illnesses, they are most likely to be kept homebound. A home Health Nurse takes care of such patients and performs certain key responsibilities such as – collecting the lab specimen, changing the dressings, administering chemotherapeutic agents, interacting with family members, etc.

Of course, the above information is only a fraction. There is a plethora of career paths that a nurse can choose from. There is no limit to your career growth; neither there is any space for an early burnout in your career. Make sure you explore all the possible academic courses and Nursing Programs for International Nurses available. Are you searching for the best ones? You know you’ve landed on the right place. For more information, keep exploring INSCOL.com.

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