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Communication In Nursing

Well, we all know that Nurses are not just “ Nurses”, doing their routine nursing procedures like dressing, administering medications, giving bed bath, performing venepuncture but they have multiple roles such as counselor, teacher, advocate, translator and many more. They have to communicate with everyone whom so ever they deal with in relation with patients. Thus, it is very significant for Nurses to be the best communicators.

Integration of Nursing Theories Into Practice

Nursing Science is an identifiable discrete body of knowledge comprising paradigms, frameworks and theories. The integration of nursing theories into practice demonstrates an evolutionary pathway for introducing a paradigm shift in the essence of the science of nursing. Patient safety and quality initiatives as well as magnet status continue to mandate that nurses practice from a framework of professionalism. A sound evidence based practice advances the overall nursing administration too. Nurse leaders guided by a conceptualized practice have an opportunity to transform health care.