At Inscol we provide you with the support and services to ensure a smooth transition so that you can adjust well to the new environment ahead.

From initiating your application to the completion of it and even after, we’re there to make your experiences easy with our assistance.

We assist you at every step.


Dependent Visa/Visa Extension Assistance

INSCOL has an efficient and experienced Operations Team that gives end-to-end admission and visa filing assistance. This team is spread across the domestic as well as international offices. Once you have moved overseas, it continues to help you in filing Dependent Visas, Visa Extensions, and in taking admission in new study programs in Canada. The team hand holds you not only in your home country but even after you have moved to an institute and country of your choice.

Airport Transfers

INSCOL staff provides airport pick-up facility for you as you travel to your chosen destination from your home country for the first time. We make sure that you reach your destination safely and comfortably. A staff member from INSCOL is present at the airport to welcome you. We even go a step further in helping you connect with your families to inform them about your safe arrival.


INSCOL assists you in finding safe and comfortable housing arrangements in any country you go to. In Canada, we help you through our large alumni network so that your parents can be at rest knowing that their children will be staying in pleasant surroundings and at convenient locations.

Immigration Consulting and Advisory Facilitation

Immigration Consulting/Advisory Services are not provided by INSCOL but facilitated through Government Authorized Consultants.

Job Placement Assistance

INSCOL helps you in finding both part time and full time job opportunities. As one of our student, you can also look forward to job opportunities within INSCOL in its international organizational network.

Pastoral Support

INSCOL provides pastoral support to ensure your general wellbeing and also to improve your social, emotional as well as behavioural skills in an environment that is new and alien to you.

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