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In Case, You are Unaware about the Job of an Emergency Medical Technician, Know it here!

Seems to be the question for many people when it comes to the job description of an emergency medical technician. In this particular blog post, we are aiming to answer that question. You'll know what exactly they are responsible for in the hospitals or other health care settings. Read on to know.

Does Having an Advanced Degree Make You a Better Nurse?

Having an advanced degree makes you a better nurse has become a debatable question in the nursing profession. However, evidence and various research reports now suggest that in order to deal with the increased complexity of patient population, new brigade of nursing must be capable of synthesizing evidence based practice along with critical thinking and for achieving this higher level of education is a pre-requisite. Advanced

A Guide to Simulation-based Training in Nursing Education – Part II

This blog is in continuation to the one written earlier under the same title and the introduction. Innovation in technology assumes a groundbreaking part in every industry and profession. When it comes to healthcare, it has consumed all the benchmarks in this field too. There is an undeniable headway in the innovations utilized as a part of healthcare facility as well as educational settings.