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Personal Support Workers: Healthcare Professionals in Demand

What does a Personal Support Worker (PSW) do? What are his/her duties and responsibilities? How does one become a PSW? Let us try to answer these questions and explore how being a Personal Support Worker can be a suitable profession for many of us.

What does a Personal Support Worker do?

Personal Support Workers are also known as Home Health Care Aides, Personal Care Attendants and Certified Nursing Assistants. PSWs perform a variety of patient care tasks in adult day care centers, private residences, assisted-living facilities, and nursing homes. Their duties may vary from general housekeeping, bedside care, dispersion of medication, transportation, to personal hygiene assistance. They make sure their clients are comfortable, secure and enjoy emotional and physical well-being. PSWs are generally needed by patients who are not in a condition to perform their day-to-day activities on their own. PSWs work under the supervision of a registered nurse or a social worker.

Duties of a Personal Support Worker

Depending upon the facility and the title, a Personal Support Worker's duties may vary. The potential options are – general housekeeping, bedside care, and dispersion of medication, transportation, and personal hygiene assistance.

Many of the Personal Support Workers aim to advance in their career to become a Registered Nurse. In which case, they tend to give advice and care planning for not only the patients, but also their families, after the treatment has been prescribed by the doctor.

Prospects of Career Advancement

According to international statistics, the requirement of Personal Support Workers is projected to increase globally. This is largely due to the large ageing population and increasing healthcare needs. Along with this there is going to be a tremendous increase in the need for registered nurses and social workers too. Given the right education and training PSWs can definitely advance to other roles within the healthcare industry, many may advance in their careers to become Registered Nurses.

If you ask about the salary prospects, the salary of a Personal Support Worker varies according to experience.

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Personal Support Worker program offers you an opportunity to work, care and assist people to attain their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.