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Global Nurse Program

A nurse is an empathetic, caring and culturally sensitive human who knows that health conditions have no borders. Professionally trained Registered Nurses play an important role in providing patient care in their community and beyond. The high demand and availability gap in nursing professionals has resulted in remarkable career opportunities for nurses and healthcare professionals from diverse geographies, allowing them to move to better-paying, better-equipped, and better-respected jobs. INSCOL helps nursing professionals by providing them opportunities to become global nurses by upgrading their education to the standards required internationally.

Who is a Global Nurse

  • A Global Nurse is trans-nationally educated, has the license to practice in multiple countries and is qualified to serve the healthcare needs of ethnically and culturally diverse global-patient population
  • A Global Nurse is well- versed with the international nursing best practices, has the required level of knowledge and skills. Displays professional conduct in keeping with international ethics
  • A Global Nurse enjoys a status equivalent to any other healthcare professional and has good social recognition; also has excellent opportunities for global career growth prospects and is rewarded with a respectable remuneration to maintain a high standard of living

INSCOL’s Global Nurse Program is a unique initiative that addresses the growing need of nurses, to help them upgrade their qualifications and skills in keeping with the challenges, as well as regulations and standards of international healthcare facilities.

To meet the needs of the healthcare industry as well as those of aspiring nursing professionals, INSCOL has partnered with leading international universities and colleges to develop top-up nursing programs overseas:

  • It offers specialty nursing programs to Internationally Educated Nurses in partnership with Universities and Colleges in Canada, UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand
  • Recently INSCOL has started offering Continuing Study Programs to nursing professionals. These programs not only enhance the skills of nurses but also increase their professional value

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