Manpreet Baldev Singh Class of Sept’16 Gerontology

My name is Manpreet and i am a student for Gerontology in Niagara college, Canada.My decision of taking Gerontology seemed very hard to me, but with the help of Sonal Setia and Kamaljeet Singh, i attained my goal… Thank you so much Sonal for always calling me and pushing me towards completing all of my applications in time. I am really thankful today that due to you and the whole INSCOL team in general, i am now a student of Niagara college.And now i am more confident that i will reach to my goals more easily as i find all of the instructors, senior students and the whole INSCOL team always by my side whenever i am in need.Thank you so much.

Rozmeen Khowaja Class of Sept’16 Community Mental Health

I would like to appreciate from bottom of my heart the dedication, hard work , support and upto date and correct guidance provided by INSCOL STAFF from beginning till the time I reached Canada. Particularly “Kamaljeet” from the beginning and “Sonal Setia” till I reached Canada. They both helped me and responded to my each and every single queries whether its small or big. Sonal dealt my case very efficiently and am really thankful to hear the way she responds and satisfy the student. Best Customer service ever. I must say that kamaljeet and especially sonal setia are the best Gems and pillars of INSCOL.Once again I would like to thank you each and everyone who ever came in my contact. I hope the supports may continue throughout my journey in Niagara College by INSCOL.

Sumera Salam Class of May'16 Critical Care Nursing

Nursing is one of the best health care profession and will always be, unfortunately after completing a four years of bachelor’s degree the pay scale for registered nurses in India is seemingly unfair, but thanks to INSCOL for the overwhelming support towards nursing and building a career overseas with enhanced programs for internationally educated nurses, where we could learn and also practice . From the beginning to the end of my journey INSCOL has been so much helpful and supportive, without which nothing could have been possible. INSCOL has wonderfully organized their forum from helping in choose a suitable course ,helping in application process, to the pre departure classes and also a constant support after moving abroad and thereafter, nothing else could have been this better. I thank INSCOL again from the bottom of my heart for having provided the best opportunities to nurses to pursue their career abroad.

N. Nickola Freeman Class of Sept'17 Palliative Care intake

My fears of completing registration with a school overseas have crippled me in finishing the process that I have started many times with a number of different schools. I have dropped the ball at various junctions as reaching persons for assistance at these varied institutions were a missed. I tried conquering my fears once more when I applied to Niagara College (NC) and I was surprised with the assistance I received from Ms. Deborah Hogg and Mr. Sahil Ahuja; however my fears were dismantled by the responses and step by step assistance that I received from Mr. Kamaljeet Singh Bali.He has made my journey of registration with Niagara College a seamless one with his relentless effort in making sure that I got the information I needed at each juncture. It got to the point where I felt that I was the only student Mr. Bali was rendering support. I can guarantee that if I sent him a message asking a question within the same day I will be getting a response, and trust me I asked a lot of questions, I do wonder if he even sleeps or how much sleep he operates on.I will be in the bank to make payment and getting the run around from the tellers and one call to Mr. Bali and things got straightened out. After making my payment to the bank and sending a copy of payment slip to him, within hours I received a document from him, for the school, to add as support documentation to take to the Canadian High Commission (CHC). It was crunch time getting everything I needed for the embassy; I was also prompted by him to proof read all my documents and application before handing them in to CHC to ensure that all was correct and in order to safeguard success; who does that? Mr. Bali does.The greatest thing for me was the fact that with all the questions I asked and all the mistakes and misconceptions he had to correct I never once felt like he was annoyed or frustrated with me. His kind laughter at me when I make an awry is one that I would get from my friends here at home, never stringent or condemning, and this shows me the level of maturity he represents at NC, I am already a part of something great and I can’t wait to meet this focused and committed individual. Thank you Mr. Kamaljeet Singh Bali, see you soon.