30 Educational Twitter Feeds for Nursing Students, Nursing Professionals and Nursing Specialty

July 29, 2015 | By phili_blogs

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When it comes to networking and keeping up with rapid developments, it is important to stay abreast with the quickly growing field of nursing. There are professional nurses as well as nurse students who have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on new practices, legal issues, and medical innovation. Twitter is like a podium of new information for students or nurses who are just starting out their careers.

Partaking in the online platform is a great way for new nurses to meet new people and to learn about newer roles, challenges and developments in their field. There are Twitter feeds that can benefit every nurse in different ways. Here, we are going to share some of the educational Twitter feeds that are trending these days based on Nursing Students, Nursing Professionals and Nursing Specialty.

For Nursing Students

As the demand of nurses is rising, there are new nursing programs and colleges popping up. The Twitter feeds listed below are known to provide latest updates on current nursing education practices.

  1. @AAN_Nursing – This Twitter handle of American Academy of Nursing shares information on evolving healthcare policies and practices for nurses, news and upcoming conferences.
  2. @AmJNurs – This Twitter feed of the American Journal of Nursing is a trusted source in nursing information and tweets journal and news articles on Nursing.
  3. @MedSurgNurses – This Twitter handle of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses analyzes different subjects and share journal articles for medical-surgical nurses to succeed in their career.
  4. @MonaShattell – The owner of this Twitter account is Mona Shattell, who is a nurse, a professor and a researcher in mental health and psychiatric acute care. She tweets different articles on nursing.
  5. @faunursing – For nursing students looking of nursing opportunities, nursing advice and those who want to become more involved in a specialty field, this Twitter feed of Florida Atlantic University’s College of Nursing is of great use.
  6. @PennNursingNews – This is the official Twitter handle of the University of Pennsylvania and their tweets analyze breakthroughs in nursing and articles on health-related subjects.
  7. @KaplanNCLEX – This Twitter account of Kaplan NCLEX tweets information for nursing students with advice and tips for passing the NCLEX.
  8. @theIOM – The Twitter feeds of the Institute of Medicine is recognized nation-wide for providing quality educational information about the healthcare field, job opportunities, workshops, and webcasts of conferences.
  9. @NursingEcon – Nursing Economics tweets information on the best practices in healthcare management, policy, and economics along with informative articles about healthcare and the advancements in the industry.
  10. @cityalan – The tweets of Alan Simpson, a Professor of Collaborative Mental Health at City University in London, are compiled of people and information from around the web, with a strong focus on healthcare content.

For Nursing Professionals

Nursing professionals are considered as a resource full of information for real-life situations and their tweets speaks about everything they come across.

  1. @NationalNurses – This Twitter account is of National Nurses United, which is the largest RN union in the United States, with over 165,000 nurses worldwide. The posts highlight mistreatment of nurses and labor issues.
  2. @AmerPsychNurses – This Twitter account is of American Psychiatric Nurses Association, which tweets variety of topics pertaining to psychiatric health and share resources for nurses who work in the similar field.
  3. @kchoma – This Twitter handle is of Kim Choma who is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and lectures at Rutgers University. Her tweets deal with an array of health-related news and nursing e-Learning information.
  4. @unacuhcp – This is a Twitter feed of the United Nurses Associations of California and Union of Health Care Professionals, which tweets about health care news and nursing labor issues.
  5. @pattyKS057 – Patricia Schmehl, the owner of this twitter account, is a nursing educator and runs nursingconceptmapping.com. She is focussed on advancing nursing education and helping nursing students.
  6. @jrobinsonRN – This Twitter account is of Jennifer Robinson who is an RN and tweets on medical news and litigation support for medical related legal cases.
  7. @onlinenursing – Another informative Twitter handle of Terri Schmitt, who also runs Online Nursing as well as nursestory.com and actively tweets to equip other nurses with valuable tips.
  8. @GodfreyKathryn – The Practice and Learning Editor for Nursing Times, Kathryn Godfrey is a former nurse and her tweets are very useful for current nurses and provide a wealth of information about the industry.
  9. @BGlickstein – The owner of this Twitter feed is Barbara Glickstein who is a Health Reporter and Public Health Nurse based in New York City. She also produces Health styles on WBAI.org and is the Co-Director for Health, Media, & Policy at Hunter College. Her tweets provide insight for the health community.
  10. @jparadisirn – This Twitter handle belongs to Julianna Paradisi, an Oncology Nurse, who tweets news on cancer care and advice for nurses who work in the field.
  11. @theyoganurse – A Twitter account of an RN who aims to give nurses refreshing education opportunities while reducing the stress in their lives.
  12. @HealthIsSocial – This Twitter feed is run by Phil Baumann, an RN working in Philadelphia. His tweets explore the technological side of nursing and the way these practices can improve healthcare for nurses as well as patients.
  13. @DonnaCardilloRN – Donna Cardillo owns this Twitter handle, who is an RN and has a section featured on nurse.com, along with being a blogger on a few other nursing sites. Her tweets are full of great articles and resources for nurses.
  14. @nursingideas – A Twitter feed dedicated to Nursing Ideas from other nursing sites to make a fantastic compilation of ideas and concepts for nurses.
  15. @JenChaikinRN – This Twitter account belongs to Jennifer Chaikin, the Executive Director in healthcare education, who is a prominent writer on nurse.com. Her tweets are for nurses and articles on innovations in nursing.
  16. @CDCflu – The Center for disease Control – Flu Twitter account is focused solely on quality information about the current state of the Flu cross the world and the country as well.

For Nursing Specialty

Twitter feeds that boasts tons of information and references to number of nursing specialties can prove to be quite useful for students as well as professionals.

  1. @OncologyNursing – This Twitter account in run by Oncology Nursing, a community of over 35,000 nurses involved in cancer care and the tweets focus at different developments in the field of nursing in real-time.
  2. @RNdotcom – A trending Twitter feed, RN.com gives up-to-date nursing info and clinical news on nursing developments online. They give in-depth analysis on different nursing specialties from sources around the web.
  3. @TheNerdyNurse – A very popular Twitter account, The Nerdy Nurse is run by Brittney Wilson. Her tweets are typically from the healthcare specialties and technology communities, as they comment on integrating technology into health.
  4. @nursefriendly – This Twitter feed is handled by Andrew Lopez, an RN who publish healthcare resources he has reviewed and approved. The result is a compilation of great material for specialty nurses.

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