Are You a New Nurse Graduate? Instill These Key Traits to Excel in Your Nursing Career

December 28, 2015 | By admin

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As per the report of Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is stated that over the next six years, registered nursing is regarded as the occupation with the highest potential for job growth. This shows nursing profession as a promising field with surplus of specialties to choose from; however, to be more competitive in the job market, apart from getting good grades, some traits can make you a more desirable candidate for the potential employers.

Excellent Communication Skills

Nursing is not only pure science, rather an art as well; despite of working in a technical environment, the ability to communicate effectively with patients, their family members and the staff is a key skill of a nurse. Your role involves assessing patients, caring for them and treating them under the supervision of physician. Whatever field you choose, it is critical to possess excellent communication skills to deliver better patient care.

Communication is not only about speaking to patients; rather you need to be an effective listener as well and synthesize the information and appropriately take the action when needed.

Compassion & Empathy

A good nurse does not only nurses the body rather, fosters the patient. As a nurse, you need to develop compassion for patient care and a gentle attitude towards them. Although, when required, be firm and assertive to effectively carry out the processes in rendering patient care. In addition, empathy is a trait that cannot be developed simply by education and is independent of cultural background. Empathy emanates from inside and depends on one’s commitment to patient care and treatment.


To work as an effective team player is a fundamental element required for providing good nursing to patients. The role profile of a nurse demands both the attributes, to play the role of a leader when situation demands and add value as a team player when called for. Working as a team provides benefits such as when they work together, they are well aware of each other’s strength and weaknesses and can support each other in a better way in case of fatigue and stressful conditions. Moreover, nurses work together as a team to address patient needs and to achieve their common goal that is to provide efficient patient care.

Being Adaptable

Nursing profession calls for challenges and no single day will ever be the same again. As a nurse, you need to adapt to various situations and need to have higher level of tolerance. Most of the times, you are going to face people who are always unpredictable and you will be facing more number of unpredictable circumstances every day. You need to be more flexible and adaptable to handle all such situations.

Be Quick in Thoughts as well as the Actions

Your job involves so many things that goes around you. When it comes to patient care, if something is not right, you need to think quickly and act quickly. Your decisions would contribute in saving someone’s life. Being a nursing professional, you will hardly get time to think and respond before a situation arises, thus your skills matters.

Not just the traits we listed here are mere sufficient for a professional nurse. As you advance, learn and grow in your career, you are going to instill many others through experience.

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