Everything You Need To Know About Hospice Care

December 18, 2015 | By admin

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Well, let us first tell you something about people who need hospice care.

The care that is intended for elderly, i.e. old age people who are caught up with disease or a disorder that makes it difficult for them to perform the basic every day routine tasks. In addition to this, these people too have some kind of wish that they want to achieve before they die. With the help of hospice care professional, they get a chance to live the moment they always wished for, like – to go on a flight, trek to a mountain peak and finally lose their breath with the support of Hospice Team.

As per the NHPCO, 2012, Majority of hospice patients are either adults or older with more than 80% being crossed the age of 65.

There are many stories you can read about Hospice Care. Patients live their dreams and moments of the lifetime only with hospice care. If you are a nurse and really want to make a difference in providing care to such type of patients, the career as a Hospice Care specialist is just for you.

What’s Hospice Care?

When there are patients, who have been diagnosed with terminal illness such as Cancer, Aids etc. and are unable to cure with standard curative treatment, then a choice is made by patient and the family members to end the life of the patient in next six months with the help of Hospice Care support. As a result, the team emphasize more on pain management, giving emotional and spiritual support that varies as per the needs and specific case of the patient.

Who are the members in a Hospice Care Team?

  • General Physician
  • A Hospice Care Physician
  • A Nurse
  • Occupational Therapists (for patients who need some kind of therapies)
  • Home health aides

What are the Responsibilities of a Hospice Care Team?

  • Hospice care providers give necessary therapy, care to the patients
  • The members of the team provides emotional and psychological support to patient
  • The team also helps the patient with spiritual aspects of dying
  • Perform counseling of family members to take care for the patient at home
  • Provide physical therapy as and when required

If you are a nurse and think that this field of patient care interests you or if you think, you can deal with delicate matters and emotional situation regularly and to handle it in a compassionate manner, a rewarding career awaits for you to work as a Hospice Care specialist.

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