Growing number of Filipino nurses in Canada: Nursing programs for Filipino nurses

September 30, 2017 | By admin

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There is an ever-growing demand of nurses globally owing to a fast growing older population. Across the world, Filipino nurses are in high demand as they are considered the best nursing professionals from amongst the internationally educated nurses.

As a culture, Filipinos are a very caring society. They are highly -relational people, proficient in connecting emotionally and socially with others. Their innate humanity reflects in the ways they interact socially. Due to their heartfelt concern, nurturing spirit, and caring touch, Filipino nurses are in great demand across the world.

Recognizing their colossal power, President Obama glorified the actions of a Filipino nurse and hailed her as a role model in his state of Union address in 2013. Crowning her bravery and selfless act, he mentioned Menchu Sanchez’s heroic act of saving lives of 20 precious newborns in her care regardless of being hit with ferocious hurricane named “Sandy”. She remained a hallmark of Filipino nurses – skilled, efficient, caring and compassionate.

Why the exodus?
Major issues like low pay, poor working conditions, and the closure of various public hospitals have compelled Filipino nurses to study and work abroad. As per an estimate, today Philippines is the largest exporter of nurses globally – roughly 25 percent of all overseas nurses worldwide. This exodus has been fueled by advanced economies’ demand such as Canada for their outstanding advanced curriculum, job opportunities, better work environment and professional growth. Growing number of advanced nursing programs for Filipino nurses are drawing millions.

Also, the export of human capital has served as a band-aid solution to the staggering unemployment and a major source of remittances required to raise the country’s GDP.

Structural adjustments in the developing countries like Philippines have created severe workforce imbalances and shortfalls often coexist with large numbers of unemployed health professionals. Hence, Filipino nurse’s motivation to migrate is multifactorial- opportunity for continuing education, upgradation of skills & expertise, better pay and working conditions, career mobility, professional development, better quality of life, personal safety, better social environment for family and- respect amongst other factors.

Why Canada?
– On an average, the annual salary of a Registered nurse in Canada is in the region of $65,000 – $75,000 which is likely to grow substantially with increasing demand for health professionals in general.
– Increasing critical nursing shortages in Canada, has generated a demand that is fueling energetic international recruitment campaigns. Due to a fast increasing older population in Canada, 60,000 nurses are projected to be in demand by 2022.
– With robust laws that protect nurses and their rights, Canada ensures a safe working environment for nurses– both physically and mentally.

INSCOL, a trusted partner of leading colleges in Canada offers Canadian nursing programs for IENs. The aim is to provide the best global nursing practices, introduce nurses to the latest techniques and updated technology, give a holistic clinical experience, improve upon social skills required in Canada and other social aspects as well. There are a plethora of programs that can be chosen from by the nurses. Visit our Academic Courses page for more information.

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