Innovative Gadgets that are Best Friends of Nurses

July 17, 2015 | By phili_blogs

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Whether it is learning or practicing, nursing tasks are now become quite easier by utilizing technology and innovative gadgets. There are smart gadgets that nurses use to juice up their productivity and efficiency. After looking at number of nurses utilizing the benefits of different types of gadgets, we have listed here the best gadgets that are considered the best friends of nurses and nursing students.

A USB Voice Recorder

(Priced at $16.98 on Amazon)

If you are a nursing student who often has to take down the notes whilst a very long lecture, this gadget will be your lifesaver. This small-sized USB voice recorder can record the entire session and you can later listen to it or transfer in your computer. Once charged, it can last up to 15 hrs. and records clear audio in WAV format.

An Ampule Opener/Cracker

(Priced at $9.95 on Amazon)

Being a nurse, you always have to be careful while opening ampules and this piece of gadget is your best friend in assuring that you don’t get hurt while doing so. The disposable plastic fracture and safety collar in it will help to break open pre-scored glass ampules without any difficulty.

Vein Finder

(Priced at $227 on Amazon)

Vein finder is a device that helps a nurse to find veins in both adult and children in an easier way. This illuminating vein finder also help nurses in closing veins and stretching the skin for easier access even without the use of tourniquet.

Livescribe Echo Smart Pen

(Priced at $116.99 on Amazon)

An innovating writing tool developed by Livescribe allows you to record everything you write, hear, or say and links the audio recordings to your notes. This Smart pen digitizes your notes, saves them and plays on your computer. Moreover, this gadget has a search feature, which helps nurses or anyone else to find specific words fast.


(Priced at $109 on Amazon)

An ideal gadget for student nurses; kindle can be used to review lessons via e-books that can be downloaded anytime online. Nurses can also use it to read nursing blogs and journals to update themselves with the ever-changing world. Kindle has a long-lasting battery; it is manufactured with a unique technology to help you read without suffering from eyestrain even in bright sunlight.

Posture Sensor

(Priced at $59.99 on Amazon)

Working in a good posture is very important and nurses often forget to maintain a good posture due to their workload. This posture sensor is equipped with a sensor that vibrates whenever you sag your lower back. Moreover, it also senses your steps, walking distance, calories burned, track your sitting time, duration of your sleep and sleeping position as well.

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