Nursing – Is it Men’s or Women’s Profession? Who Earns More?

December 11, 2015 | By admin

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There’s always a catch-cry among the people, whether nursing is a female or a male profession. While almost everyone will agree that nursing job is a female profession, the report is taking a stand regarding the dominance of the female nurses in the field of health care but also a rise in the male nursing professionals too.

The stereotype of the nursing profession to be a female profession is on the urge of being vanished in today’s scenario. Males are choosing nursing as this career by choice.

In order to support this fact, there is no alternative other than the factual increasing rate of male nurses in the field. This might be very less comparatively the female nurses, but still there.

Male nurses represent merely 5.8% of all nurses. The remaining 94.2% is bagged by none other than the female nurse fraternity. Clearly, female nurses dominate the field, but male nurses are increasing too.

Do you know how much is the salary in the nursing profession?

The real talk starts now. If we calculate the median weekly salary of male and female nurses, a female nurse earns $1,011 while a male earns $1,168. This is besides the fact that in the United States, there are 2,566,545 female nurses over 158,025 male nurses. Clearly, female nurses dominate the field, yet men make more.

Why do male nurses earn more?

Reports say that 70% of male nurses claim to list stereotypes as one of the biggest challenges they have to face in order to become a nurse. However, while breaking one stereotype, there is another set of reasons in making – the set of reasons for male nurses earning more than the female nurses do. Have a look at the various possible reasons-

  • Male nurses may be considered to be better at negotiating their pay raises.
  • Gender discrimination.
  • Women are thought of leaving their work force in order to take care of their family once they have children, and are paid lesser than their peer male nurses who worked in their places.
Are you surprised? May be, no. You might feel a wee bit dismayed, though.

The reasons listed above are still to be verified as the reasons for the gap. However, the good news here is that no matter the gender, there’s equal job opportunity for both male and female nurses. The criteria is – the higher the qualifications and more the experience, the higher will be the chances of bagging the good jobs in the field of health care.

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