Time to Stop Worrying! Here are the Top Four Modern Alternative Healthcare Careers for Filipino Nurses

January 4, 2016 | By admin

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Are you a registered Filipino nurse? Every nurse wants a strong, successful and secured nursing job in hospital settings.

However, there are valid reasons that securing a nursing job in the Philippines is more of a survival of the fittest. Thousands of nurses have the same objective. It’s you who’ll have to decide whether to stick on the same predicament and wait or just take the high road.

Down here, we have mentioned four modern career alternatives for Filipino nurses who are done waiting for their chance to work in the hospital environment as a traditional nurse.

1. Healthcare Representative

Do you have good computer skills? What about organizational skills? The key responsibilities of a Healthcare Representative are-

  • To handle the disability concerns
  • To investigate the patient complaints
  • To keep the clients alert with the updates in any changes in the insurance rules and regulations.
  • To handle general inquiries.

2. Medical Historians for Patients

It’s about maintaining medical history or health records of the patients. The key responsibilities include-
  • To handle the patients’ medical records.
  • To interview the patients.
  • To acquire the necessary information on their past and present medical status.
  • To compile the documents of all the above.

3. Medical Sales Representatives

Do you enjoy convincing people about the medicinal values of certain medicines and drugs? Well, if you are gifted with a natural endowment of sales and marketing, being a medical sales representative will be a very rewarding and gratifying career option for you.

4. Medical Transcriptionists

Most of the Filipino nurses sought after this career option in the healthcare industry. Have you been attentive to the million medical terms and medical procedures covered by the professors at the time your degree or diploma? If yes, one of the most important key responsibilities of a medical transcriptionist involves-

  • To listen to voice recordings and convert them to medical reports, patient record, other necessary documents, and even charts.

Another less talked about, yet modern career option is of the Patient Health Coordinator. It’s all about coordinating patient care programs and preparing public relations information. Documentation of all the above as well as the patients’ cases is also part of the job.

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