Words from an Acute Complex Care Nursing Student from INSCOL

May 25, 2016 | By admin

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Digging around the success stories of the alumni and the experience of current batches, here, at INSCOL, we went through some videos and greetings that students have sent and are still sending us more everyday (makes us feel proud!).

These success stories of students, naturally, make us feel overwhelmed, as they fill us with content and satisfaction of meeting the standards – transforming the Filipino nurses to global nurses and showing them the career path to rise in the nursing profession. We feel motivated, you bet.

As nurses-to-be, in the very beginning, we certainly found the students doubtful about the choice of their career. With hundreds of specializations available in the healthcare industry and the plethora of opportunities in the nursing profession itself, students tend to get bewildered about the ‘right kind of choice’ – we understand

Not only our experience, but the student’s feedback too, made us write about the career prospects of nursing programs like Acute Complex Care – one of the most in-demand professions in the nursing field.

  • Not only you get a global platform, most of the graduates get the chance to work in settings such as- intensive care units, sub-acute care units, trauma units, emergency care and not to forget the highly specialized clinics.
  • The faculties offers rigorous curriculum – live streaming videos, online educational activities, clinical training and simulated experiences.
  • Acute Care Nurse Practitioners are sought after by employers throughout countries like Canada and the United States.

In case you’re doubting about your ‘Canadian dream’ turning to reality, listen to Miss Liff Mara Tatoy, an INSCOL student from Philippines who after registering at INSCOL, processed an application in just three months and received her visa in just two weeks.

Here is ‘Her’ Story – Words from an Acute Complex Care Nursing Student for a Nurse-to-be –

And as your fellow nurse said – Welcome to Canada!

Are you searching for the best Acute Care Nursing Programs? Check out the most popular international nursing programs for Filipino nurses, here, at INSCOL. Keep shining on!

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