Dino Martin Gako Class of May'14 Niagara College

I would like to take this opportunity to thank INSCOL Academy including all the staffs for putting a lot of effort in my application for a student visa here in Canada. At first, I honestly did not trust them if they can really be a help for me because of scattered scam agencies in our country. But they proved me WRONG! They’ve attentively paid attention to my application and assisted me to the whole process until my student visa has been approved. Also, as a person who is new and knows nothing in Canada, they also helped me in my accommodation and picked us up (together with other students) in the airport. Once again please accept my sincere gratitude, THANK YOU for everything that you have done for me. More power and my kindest regards.

Daffodil Arrubio Class of Sep'14 Conestoga College

I just really want to pass on some much deserved praise. Thank you for all the time and energy you invested with me and my application for further studies in Canada. I can’t tell you enough how impressed I am at your ability in making things possible for me. You went above and beyond and were such a great contribution from the start of our collaboration until the success of my visa application. I especially want to commend Sonal Setia for all the hard work and genuine concern that she has shown throughout the process. INSCOL Academy never ceased to make me feel that they are there, not just for business, but mainly to be of help for the betterment of my career. With all these being said, THANK YOU VERY MUCH… You are such a great example of EXCELLENCE.

Ronald Catameo Class of Jan’14 Niagara College

The people working with Inscol are some of the most helpful and patient people I have met. I am not an easily trusting guy. In our society today, there are many ways to get scammed and lots of people who mean to do you harm. Inscol has been very patient with all my queries, even though I really had a lot of them. I asked them hard questions and lots of probing questions to really learn as much as I could about the program and to make sure about their authenticity as an organization. Inscol was very upfront with all their answers and I felt reassured because everything they said about the program was to the detail with what I was getting. Thank you very much Inscol for helping me to get to Canada and helping make my dreams come true! Alam ko marami pa kayo matutulungan na makapunta sa Canada. (I know you will be able to help more people to get into Canada.)

Laurlynne Martinez Class of May’15 Clinical & Critical Care

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to INSCOL Philippines for their dedicated effort in helping me achieve my dream of becoming a globally competitive nurse. I have been incredibly impressed at their effective and efficient service. Much as I am pleased with your hard work and patience during the application process. Especial thanks to Miss Kristine for her untiring assistance. She genuinely takes the time to answer all my questions and review my documents thoroughly. She was very warm and friendly. I would also like to thank Miss Deepa for her persistence in following up my application. I really appreciate your service and It has been a great pleasure knowing that such an agency exist. INSCOL Philippines, where your dreams can turn into reality. You’ve been truly a blessing. Again, thank you so much and keep up the good work

Sheena Academia & Clark Debb Malang Class of May’15 Nursing Leadership & Management

We would like to thank INSCOL for assisting us in achieving our dream. For helping us realize the bright future for our career path in Canada to become an International Educated Nurse. Special thanks also to Desire Abella, Deepa Gupta and Manpreet Sabharwal for the consistent support that you gave us, and who never got tired of answering our queries since the beginning of our application and to our arrival. Indeed, INSCOL can turn our dream into reality. With sincere heart, thank you and keep up the good work!

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