Maria Aurora Asong Alfaras Class of Aug’15 MSc in Nursing Education

I would like to raise a glass of wine to the INSCOL team for doing a great job.

I am giving credits to Desire and Manisha for their unlimited support, patience and determination to reaching the dreams of every student.

These people deserve more than just a tap at the back but a real good spa for a job well done.

Thank you very much for helping me from step 1 until the end! Keep up the good work and help more nurses attain what they want and truly deserve in life. God speed!

Sharmaine Sanchez Class of Sept'15 Critical Care Nursing

I am grateful to have known Inscol Academy because it made me believe that dreams do come true. It won’t be easy without the help of the very accommodating staffs. Special thanks to Ms. Desire and Ms. Manisha for being so patient in answering all my queries and doubts since day 1. I was enlightened by their encouragement that I can get through all of those stressful days. It was worth the wait and the hard work had paid off.

Kim Diane Gorospe Class of Sept'15 Palliative Care

It is with great pleasure that I’m writing to officially thank you INSCOL academy for your contributions to my Student visa application. You have provided a warm, informative and professional service for processing of my visa. Special thanks to Manisha and Desiree for being always willing and eager to answer all my questions and provided clear advise about application process. I heard that this process could be very stressful and complicated, but due to their professionalism and experience, my visa was really quick and it took only 1 month. I really appreciate their services, now I have the opportunity of developing my education and career in Canada. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend INSCOL they are reliable and will provide you the best service you can find.

Thanks once again for the timely, consistent support all along with the process period. All the best for future.

Jaimee Angelie Perez Viceo & Rodrigo Anthony Mancolintas Class of Sept'15 Clinical and Critical Care

INSCOL Academy – a real and huge stepping stone behind your dreams! INSCOL is a great avenue for Filipino-globally-aspiring nurses, to turn dreams to reality.

They offer a wide range of courses that it is suitable for your field of choice. For us, INSCOL aided us through the course of application up until our arrival to Canada. Coordinators from both Philippines and India were definitely accommodating and catered to our needs urgently. Though, we had some concerns throughout the process, they assured us that things will go better than expected – wherein which they did not fail to do.

We commend Manisha Sachdev for being consistently replying to our queries. She was efficient and prompts us every now if there are things to go through. She remained warm and kind though there were dilemmas that came along the way. Thank you Manisha! Thank you, INSCOL!

Warren Ison Class of Sept'15 Coronary Care Nursing

INSCOL made my dreams into a reality! I did’t think Facebook will be an avenue where I will find a path in achieving my career goals until I saw INSCOL’s advertisement. Since I message them a few months ago, the support I received from the local group and the Canada team have been certainly overwhelming. Special thanks to Manisha, who have been very patient and encouraging to me throughout the entire process. I personally recommend INSCOL to be your partner in attaining your professional goals.


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