Client Testimonials

Abraham Johnson Class of Jan'11 Seneca College

First of all let me say that I am glad to be at INSCOL. While planning to go aboard for studies I had many options in front of me to select and it’s my pleasure to say that I had selected the best. I would also like to thank all our faculty members to make us understand the changes in educational systems; the ASSM classes helped a lot especially in the Computer skills.

Lijo T. Mathew Class of Jan'11 Niagara College

I am grateful to INSCOL Academy and the staff there who helped me to apply for palliative care Nursing course in Niagara College. INSCOL Academy helped me and gave me good advice like choosing GAS after which I received my 3 years Post Study Work Permit. Canada is a beautiful place to live.

Rinju P. Samuel Class of Jan'12 Niagara College

It was my biggest dream to study in Canada. So I Choose to go through INSCOL. INSCOL has guided me and supported me in making dream come true. The ASSM class and Visa Processing which was the most helpful, I am happy that I made a right decision. I am thankful to INSCOL for everything.

Tsering Choezom Class of May'12 Niagara College

I thought fitting in with students of other backgrounds would be difficult but thanks to INSCOL for providing such a friendly environment and of course for making my dreams come true. Big thanks to all the staff of INSCOL for helping me out. You will be remembered.

Martin Thomas Class of May'11 Seneca College

I am so happy to write about my experience in INSCOL. I am really impressed about this academy especially sophisticated teaching methods here I experienced. The excellence of INSCOL is outstanding in all aspects. Nothing more its just wonderful. I am so proud to be a part of this Academy.

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